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Become a Brand Ambassador!

Become a brand ambassador for Black Sheep Apparel!  This brand has never been about fame or clout.  It has always been about making people feel comfortable in their own skin.  We are here for the misfits and the outcasts.  Since February of 2022, Black Sheep Apparel has grown tremendously thanks to our amazing supporters.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Black Sheep lifestyle, please contact us today!

As an ambassador, there are a few things we will expect from you.  The biggest priority for our ambassadors is to actively promote our brand on all social media platforms.  Public profiles are preferred, but not required.  This role will also include great perks.  Each ambassador will receive a free care package that will include a top of choice, bottom of choice, stickers, and a bracelet.  You will receive a personalized discount code of 30% off for all of your future purchases.  This will also include a discount code to give out to your friends and family for 20% off.

Your social following will not impact your chances of becoming a brand ambassador.  We believe in acceptance and the ability to grow together!

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